Slide Researches and develops natural or naturally derived products of medicine or complementary nature for human health and skills. It supplies these products. About Us Brings the Natural to You Products that alleviate your ongoing complaints, relieve you, relax you and facilitate your recovery. Contact Complementary Products Slide We provide and transport medicines that have therapeutic properties and are used to cure or prevent diseases. About Us Heals and Protects

Natural Herbal Medicine


Natural, found in nature

It was collected and prepared using natural methods. We produce complementary solutions for your needs.



By learning how the active ingredients create healing in human tissues, drugs with different chemical structures and fewer side effects have been synthesized.



In addition to modern medical treatments, it provides the patient to relax and strengthen the immune system by supporting them.


Herbal Medicine Without Side Effects

Researches and develops natural or naturally derived products, medicines or supplementary products for human health and skills, and supplies these products. It facilitates access to the products provided.


Natural Complementary Medicine

Liquid forms obtained from flowers, leaves, shells or other parts of various plants by different methods are used in the treatment of almost all kinds of diseases, from cancer to diabetes.

Although such approaches are generally presented by herbalists, it is seen that medical professionals sometimes become partners in such practices, leaving aside the concepts that should have gained through their education.

As Nathermed, we provide and provide transportation of medicines or supplementary products.